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From Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Site of the Day

When we had this idea to launch a new kind of website that would allow our frequent flyers to bid on or buy items with their miles, Portline was the first company we called. Portline is a complete Internet Development Company specializing in e-commerce shopping cart technologies, business applications, Cold Fusion programming, database management, secure administrative management programs and customer programming for all business department needs.

What does that all mean? These are the people who get stuff done and have fun doing it. They DO what others claim to be able to do but can't. No matter what kind of Internet project you're considering, you must call Portline.
Tell them the folks from Frontier sent you.



PINetworkAs many of you know I have been working on a new website called the Patient Information Network, LLC . I answer questions all of the time, send out suggestions for contractors, and do my best to help out when I can. I found Sally Georgeson with Portline, Inc. from a gentleman in Coles Crossing for which am forever grateful for that connection. I have toiled over writing a proper referral for this company, so I finally went to Sally and asked how I could best describe her company. What would be the ultimate referral. I wanted to be able to fully describe everything she has done for me and accurately describe her infinite knowledge and capabilities, soooooo described below are her words for what they do. If you need any of the services you see below, have friends starting out with a new venture, or anything related to the web, please call or email these guys. They took my idea and have made it a reality. They have exceeded my every expectation!!!!!!!!!! If you feel inclined, please check out our new website, and let me know what you think. We are nearing 100% completion with only final, final testing on our custom programmed card readers. Thank you Sally, for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From Bimba Manufacturing


Bimba manufactures critical industrial automation components used on high-speed manufacturing, distribution, packaging and printing lines. When our customers need replacement units, they need them ASAP. To satisfy this need, Bimba developed an eCommerce application supporting 24X7 order entry over the web. We selected Portline's eCommerce solution as the foundation for this critical application. The payback was outstanding. Our eCommerce system paid for itself in less than four months!..

Bimba took eCommerce to the next level. We now allow customers to configure and order custom products over the web. We are also developing eCommerce applications for other Bimba businesses. Portline's content management tools allow custom tailoring without additional programming.

If you want to capitalize on the power of the web, we suggest a call to Portline at 1.800.889.8079. We would be pleased to demo our eCommerce apps - if interested, just email our CIO (
Beyond Actuation

Bimba Manufacturing Site


From Aeromexico


Dear Portline Team:
This is to thank you for all your support and patience during these months. You have been great and I appreciate all your help to make possible. I wish Portline keeps being a successful company, and that the projects with Aeromexico keep going forward to build a stronger partnership.



CinequestDear Portline Team: is a licensed dealer and manufacturer of television and movie collectibles. Portline first developed an e-commerce website for the New Hampshire-based company in 2002. In 2004, Portline created a "members-only" section designed to attract and keep repeat buyers by offering them the first shot at buying new products and built-in discounts.

Portline continues to enhance the buying experience for customers, the marketing capabilities for as well as providing back-end management and hosting services.

We've been with Portline since we first launched our new site back in 2005 and we've never looked back. Sally and her team have always been there for us when new applications were needed or when problems cropped up. I can't say enough about their support - both technically for the site and emotionally for our business. They are always looking out for ways to make things better, faster, more efficient and have handled the many changes in technology and our business mission along the way.

We deal with many technology companies on many different levels but none give us the confidence, personal support and caring that Portline has consistently provided. Going with Portline is one business decision we have never regretted.

Mark, President


From Sensis

Trading Post

Adobe Award


Selling just got easier
There are now even more ways to buy & sell with Trading Post®.

List for free: When selling on tradingpost®'s Auctions or Buy Now you can list your items for free*, so there's no need to pay until your items sell. This provides tradingpost® customers with peace of mind and convenience when listing items for sale.

Greater choice:® helps thousands of local buyers every day and now with Auctions and Buy Now there's more ways for buyers to find what they want quicker and easier.

Customer support:® also has the benefit of a local online customer support team. Our friendly local staff can assist in providing the support you need whether it's creating an ad or a query with regards to the bidding or buying process.

Experience counts: Trading Post® has been a favourite place for Australians to buy and sell for more than 40 years. With the improvements made to our website we continue to remain a convenient, effective and easy to use way of finding the item you're after or for selling goods.

Congratulations and sincere thanks for your hard work, dedication and support. You have done a wonderful job for us and we always enjoy working with you.