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Website Security – 2020 PCI Compliance

Website Security – 2020 PCI Compliance


Are You PCI Compliant?


Website Security PCIThe PCI standard continues to evolve to address the latest cybercriminal tactics for obtaining cardholder data. Building a strong security framework and implementing best practices can make it easier for you to integrate new PCI standards.

Review our Trustwave PCI Official Site for an enlightened glimpse into the secret world of cybercriminals and the entrepreneurial methods they are using to maximize profits from malicious attacks.


FREE - Preliminary Website Security Screening

Most online businesses fail to consider website security and the requirements to be PCI compliant. How their success and continued operation is dependant upon a secure internet environment - until a security breech changes everything! 


  1. Complete the required annual PCI Questionnaire.
  2. Complete the required quarterly website scanning.

Certified Resources:

  1. TrustWave 
  2. Check with your Merchant Account for a list of recommended Providers
  3. PayPal PCI Compliance - If you are using any of the non-hosted PayPal Products, such as PayPal Pro or PayPal Flow, you are required to completed the PCI Compliance Questionnaire and Scanning. Access PayPal PCI Subsidized Compliancance website.



  1. Assistance with completing the annual Questionnaire.
  2. Setup of quarterly Scans.
  3. Review of results and quotes to fix or repair any failures.

Make any modifications or adjustments/fixes based upon the results of the Questionnaire and Scan results.

Upon successful completion of the Questionnaire and Pass Status on the scan you will be provided with a Certified PCI Compliance Certificate from the chosen authorized PCI Compliance from above. Please present the Certificate to your Merchant Account Provider. You may also place the Certificate on your website.


Full Security Analysis: Exhaustive Content Inspection

Portline is offering preliminary website security screening, This investigation will determine where weaknesses may exist in the code that defines your website. A Portline security professional will profile your website to determine the level of Security/Best practices implemented into your site code (if any). This free analysis is only deals with your site code, and can not determine the security of your hosted server(s).

If you are currently experiencing or suspecting security issues we will assist in the resolution of problems within a specified area or page of your website.

The necessity to perform an exhaustive content inspection of your website will be determined by the result of the preliminary screening. If required, an exhaustive content inspection proposal will be provided for your approval. The agreement will include forms detailing securing, confidentiality, etc.,