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Credit Card Payment Portal

Credit Card Payment Portal

Payment Portal PCI Complaint
Portal is a complete solution website for accepting and handling website payments. Create Customer Accounts and Credit Card Storage with Online Payment Services. Create Customer Accounts through the Admin Portal or let your Customers Register Online. Portal will store customer records and credit card Payment Profiles at or PayPal PCI Secure Server Network.

Customers can make time payments using the saved Payment Profile. Historical Transactions are recorded in My Account. Customers will have complete control to update billing, shipping and credit card information through the secure portal My Account. An Email receipt will be sent to Customer from Portal.

Additional web pages provide content to help customers understand the processes and information about the company. 

Payment Admin Portal
Create customer accounts, create payment profiles. put through charges for customers through CIM and Token setup re-occuring billing. Portal records all data for customer and transactions. Variables for email notifications and multy access to the Admin portal allows for additional users.

Re-Occuring Billing
Setup Re-Occuring Payments within Portal. Monthly, Annual or Anniversary payments. System to auto charge customers through CIM. History posted to Customer My Account. Email notifications for Upcoming Credit Card Expirations. Reports for declined payments. 

API Connections
Portal will create the following Profiles to and PayPay Services. Portal will connect to the API's for setup and payments. 

Payment Methods Accepted 


Financail Software Integration:
Export customers and transactions to financial software such as QuickBooksl. 

Portal Design:
Upload Logo, adjust theme using stylesheets. Full design overlays optional to design portal to match existing website. 

Customers, Transaction History, Credit Card Expiration, Customizable Reports. Export and Website Views

Portals are completely customizable. Customizable Form Fields or other Modifications to Portal are available, quotes will be provided. Additional fields and forms are available to collect needed data during registration or payment processes. Design services available.

Retail: $375 setup
Customer Accounts,  Connections to (CIM customer profile) and ARB (auto repeat billing) Updates and Management of CIM and ARB profiles. Payment form to CIM, Setup and Mangement of Recuring Billing to CIM Profiles. Webpages and Admin Portal. Includes Logo and CSS Styling changes.

Contact Portline to view Payment Admin Portal. Receive 10% off Packages by completing a personal presentation of the Payment Portal Products.

Hosting: $25 per month includes SSL Certificate for Optional SSL Certificate for unique domain names.

No transaction fees. Only fees from Merchant and Gateway companies apply. No time requirements, can be terminated on a monthly basis.