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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization is the key to getting your site ranked at the top of the search results. High SEO rankings mean free traffic and great ROI. Here are our packages.



Customized Packages

We will review your current rankings as well as onsite and offsite optimization efforts and provide a specific SEO proposal for your site. At Portline, we have proven strategies for getting your site not only ranked highly, but ranked highly for keywords that will produce valuable traffic and quality leads.

Contact Portline for a free analaysis and specialized quote.

We recomment the use of a proxy to cancel out Google’s localization on their search. Google will track your IP address and move sites you visit frequently up substantially in the rankings because Google “thinks” you want to see the site. Since clients tend to look at their site a lot, Google will move your site up and give the you a false impression of where the site ranks. In this case, you may think the rank in the top 3 for “your key phrase” when they are really number 9. To get clean results, we suggest be used. Simply go to and then do a search for “” Once Google’s home page appears, you can search normally.

To achieve successful marketing for our clients, Portline offers an array of programs and services that help pinpoint the most effective strategy for placing a website directly in front of its target market.

Rather than focusing on just one area of the internet, we test the success of different campaigns online and determine where our resources are the most effective. Campaigns can include Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Gateway and HTML Page Production, Mass Email/Newsletter, eBay/Website Synergy, and Directory Listing Campaigns.

In addition to the campaigns, Portline performs in depth research and analysis for the website prior to beginning any campaigning, to prepare the content and layout to reap the most optimal results from each campaign.

Portline realizes that a potential customer may shop the internet differently industry by industry, therefore our objective is to find the most effective way to reach your potential business in the fastest and most efficient way available.

*SEO Friendly URL's. This is an important factor in the placement of your site with the Search Engines. Ensuring session variables are not a part of the navigation of your site and that the proper installation of SEO Friendly URL's are a part of the website development. Additional Quotes are provided to install SEO Friendly URL's on a per site basis.

Keyword Relativity Research

Research Key word use, popularity and competitor uses. Provide Client with list of recommended key phrases for marketing campaign.

Optimize MetaTags

Ensure that site follows best practice rules for title and meta description tags through out site. Includes proper robots.txt creation and proper follow tag placement.

Register site with Web Master Tools

Ensure that site is properly registered with Google, Yahoo and Bing Webmaster Tools. This will allow for better reporting and ensuring the site is properly indexed.

Monthly Placement Reporting

Portline to supply a key word placement report within the top search engines. Advanced reporting features to be made available for review within the Client Interface Site.

*Webstats available for Portline Hosting clients only.

Site map generating and submission

Portline to generate a site map and submit it to the major search engines to ensure proper indexing.

Site Content/Text Evaluation & Suggestions

Portline will evaluate the content on the core pages of the website and present suggestions to enhance MetaTag and keyword optimization, including AltTag recommendations for images.

Content Rich Pages

Manual creation of additional HTML pages designed specifically for the key phrases pre-determined for campaign. Pages are tied other pages to ensure indexing by search engines.

Google Adword Listing Campaigns

Portline to assist client in the creation and any continued Google campaigns. Evaluation of campaign to be performed within 30 days. Any additional changes to campaign will be adjusted during the second month.

Google Product Search

Portline to create the Google Product Search account which includes the development and uploading of all required files. Scheduled automatic uploads of files to be performed daily.

*Client website must meet Google Product Search requirements. Scheduler only available for Portline Hosting clients.

SEO Friendly URLs

Ensure URL structure is best practice for seo. Implement correct 404 and 301 handling for duplicate and missing pages.