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PayPal Certified Developer

How does Portline work with PayPal?


Portline provides integration services for all types of websites. HTML, Php, ColdFusion, ASP and .NET. 

Portline can integration PayPal payment options into an existing website, a PayPal Shopping Cart site or with one of Portline's user-friendly, full-featured shopping cart products that are pre-integrated with PayPal.

Portline is a certified PayPal shopping cart provider. We offer support for several PayPal services including including PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Standard, PayPal Advanced, PayPal Website Payments Pro, Payflow Pro, and more.



Portline is an Authorize PayPal Reseller. Selling PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Standard, PayPal Advanced, PayPal Website Payments Pro, Payflow Pro, and more. 

PAYPAL ACCOUNT TYPES: PayPal Selling Options

REGISTER FOR: PayPal Merchant Account





Step 1: Setup Up a PayPal Account

  1. Set up a PayPal Business or Premier account.
    Only Business or Premier account holders can receive PayPal payments using PayPal PayFlow Pro, Standard and API Products

Customers who don't have an existing PayPal account:

  1. Go to PayPal.
  2. Click "Sign Up".
  3. Set up an account for a Business.
  4. Follow the instructions on the PayPal site.

Customers who already have a Personal or Premier account:

  1. Go to PayPal.
  2. Click the "Upgrade Account" link.
  3. Click the "Upgrade Now" button.
  4. Choose to upgrade to a Business account and follow instructions to complete the upgrade.
  5. If you haven't already, add a bank account to become a Verified member. Follow the instructions on the PayPal site. This process may take 2-3 business days.
  1. Go to PayPal.
  2. Click the "Merchant Services" tab.
  3. Click "Website Payments Pro".
  4. Click "Upgrade Now".
  5. Fill in your information, and submit your application. Approval takes between 24 and 48 hours.
  6. Once approved, accept the Billing Agreement. Check the Getting Started section on the upper left of your account overview page.


    Contact Portline for a quote to integrate PayFlow Pro. Portline will integrate, test and post to the production environment.

Step 2: Integrate PayPal Product into Website

  1. Request Quote for Portline Integrate the PayPal product into your Website.
  2. Portline will setup a development environment of your existing website or section of your website for integration.
  3. Within our local work stations we will complete the programming and perform internal testing (all testing is done through the PayPal Sandbox environment to ensure no live transactions are procesed.)
  4. The website will be posted on the private, secure Development Server environment allowing you to test the integration.
  5. Upon your approval Portline will post the website integration to your production environment.


Step 3: Provide us your API information.

If you have selected the API integration method we will need a Third-party authentication. Grant Web Services the appropriate API authentication permissions.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account and click the Profile tab.
  2. Click the API Access link in the Account Information column.
  3. Click the Grant API Permission link.
  4. In the Enter an API Partner Username field, enter
  5. Check the following API permissions:
    • Express_Checkout
    • Direct_Payment
    • Express_Checkout
    • Admin_API
    • Auth_Settle
  6. Click the Save button.

Using the API information you retrieved from PayPal we can integrate your web site with your PayPal account.