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Flow Reservations is an affordable internet application for outfitters and tour companies. With Flow Reservations your website becomes a powerful trip-selling tool, by applying a robust online reservation system and a web content manager onto your new dynamic site.

Flow Reservations provides you with full back office control for your reservations, customer database and website content from any internet device. Your clients will have 24 hour per day access to research and purchase your trips in a secure environment. By utilizing the most sophisticated web software and Cloud hosting services, Flow Reservations will handle your company's website needs now and into the future.

Your reservation system should be an asset, not a liability!

Why rent an inferior online reservation system from a third party or pay commissions when Flow Reservations is available for lower cost? Flow Reservations will streamline your operation and impress your customers. It improves your website placement while increasing your bookings and profits!

Top Features

  • Affordable

    An amazing value compared to similar reservation systems.

  • Fast

    Customers book trips directly on your site... we integrate your website code with your reservation database for lightning speed!

  • Robust

    Flow was designed by an outfitter with over 25 years experience selling trips. It will manage every aspect of your reservations and all of your extras, including lodging and accommodations.

  • Solid

    Flow was developed on the Adobe Cold Fusion 9 platform - trusted by developers for large web based applications and easy to customize.

  • Mobile

    Book your trips or check your business from anywhere with an internet connection, we can even provide mobile apps!

  • Complete

    Flow handles user day limits, custom reservations, online discounts, tentative reservations for groups and sales by outside agents.


    Built to accept the latest and greatest social media, online deals and discounts... you won't be left behind when the next new web marketing trend happens.

  • User Friendly

    Flow is easy to use for your staff and clients... only basic computer knowledge is required.

  • Powerful

    Flow is easy to use for your staff and clients... only basic computer knowledge is required.

  • Secure

    Designed to handle high volume and large group reservations, but small groups are easily reserved as well!


Back Office - An online reservation system is waste of your time unless it has a fully functional back office to support it. Flow lets you manage your trips and reservations efficiently. Phone reservations are easy to process and full trip reporting is available online to your selected staff. Your back office can accept any type of payment including coupons and vouchers. It also updates existing reservations, reschedules and cancels reservations with or without full or partial automatic refunds.

Discount Management - Today's online shopper is looking for discounts. With Flow you can create discounts on the fly and display them throughout your site at the click of your mouse! Apply your group discounts automatically for online buyers. Set your discounts to apply only to certain ages, dates or trips. Create discount codes easily for your groups so they can enter the specific code online. Keep up easily with the high volume from the new online discount sites.

Interactive Calendar - Allows your staff to book, search and update your trips and accommodations easily from a user friendly calendar.

Advanced Reservation Features - Create a group reservation with special pricing and let each member of that group pay for their own spots and accommodations online, with in a specific amount of time that you set. What a great feature for your group organizers! You also have the ability to set partial payments and deposits for your trips, set a minimum group size required to start a trip, and offer only certain extras and options on specific dates and trips. Flow is flexible so you can quickly override any setting you've created.

Overbooking - Flow won't allow you overbook if you don't wish to due to its sophisticated and specific user-day limit feature. However you might decide to overbook trips and send them to someone else for a commission. On certain days of the week do you like to overbook but not on weekends? Maybe this will change depending on how busy you are at different times of the year? Flow let's you decide how to manage your numbers!

State of the art Design - Your new Flow website will impress your new and existing customers. We can handle any web design project you can imagine! Add media quickly to your site. Add slide shows, presentations and videos quickly from your easy to use web content editor. Post your design live to your site in seconds. Flow is built on a database driven platform… no need to pay a webmaster to change and upload your web content!

Social Environment - We are ahead of the curve when it comes to new social features like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Photo sharing, Google+ ... it can all be done easily with Flow!

Online Reservations - Why pay commissions to a third party to book your own clients? Flow handles your reservations within your own site. Flow makes your customers happy, no account log-in required for them to view your availability. Clients can book trips from multiple locations on your site without the need to back out of the current page. Your clients can now book trips quickly on your site.

Cloud Friendly - Flow integrates easily with cloud based management applications such as Sales Force, IContact and Customer Rewards programs. You can search, filter and export your customer database anytime and quickly upload it to any Cloud management site you desire.

Trip Payments - Make your group organizers jump for joy! No longer do they need to foot the bill for everyone in their group or spend valuable time collecting payments. Online payments can be accepted from individuals adding to a group trip! Flow gives you an advantage over your competition with this feature!

Customer Management - Flow allows you to search, track and contact your clients on the fly. If a client is on the phone, you can pull up personal info, payment and reservation history in seconds. Why not let your staff spend time marketing instead of wasting time with old school clerical tasks?

Search Engine Visibility - Dynamic sites with new content rank higher than static sites, with Flow you can easily update your website content when ever you desire. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization so feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.

Lodging and Up Selling - Easily add options and extras to your trips ... Rental equipment, meals, rooms and tours can all be sold during the online reservation process. Flow allows clients to select the actual dates on your tent, cabin or lodging during their online reservation process. Maximize your income potential by selling or renting your extras online!

Tech Support - Your new Flow site will be fully supported 24 hours per day, we're only a phone call or email away. Your site will be hosted on our servers so any fixes or changes can be easily completed. During the design phase of your new site a development site will be set up so you can easily view the progress of your site. Once your new site is live you can make design changes on your own or contact us for a quote to revise anything on your site.

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