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Secure Payment Portals

Secure Payment Portals



eCommerce Package

Portline provides complete Visa CISA PCI compliant ready to use Online Selling solutions. Combined with the power of BEMA (Back-End Management Application) the packages are truly complete. 

Portline offers two base Payment Portal Packages for retail and membership organizations. Payment portals are websites that handle the payment portions and membership dues as a separate site linked up with an existing website or as a stand alone.

Retail and Membership Organizations

Ready to plug in products or import membership lists. Configure payment and shipping information and email receipts.

Responsive website designs Portline will overlay existing website designs so that the payment portal appears as a part of any existing website.

Sub-Domains Using a sub-domain of an existing website makes the payment portal a seemless extension to any website.




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Portline sells two Base Packages. 

Retail Payments: $375 setup
Membership: $375 setup

Design overlay start at $300 pricing to be determined based on existing site design. 

Monthly fee: $25 per month
SSL Certificates not included. Purchase an SSL Certificate from Portline or provide a certificate from another vendor.

Top Features

  • Payment Methods, PayPal, Converge, Amazon Pay and Stripe (visa, mastercard, american express, discover, eCheck options)

  • Membership Invoicing

    Individual memership due dates
    Multiple membership levels
    Membership accounts to view membership history
    Credit Card profile for repeat auto dues billings
    Credit Card expiration notice emails

  • Retail Payment

    Invoice generation
    Customer Accounts
    Blank amounts for customer fill in payment amounts
    Subscription Optional for Recurring Billing

  • Security

    Our products are PCI Certified. Proper coding for brute force protection from hackers. Industry standard scripting to prevent SQL Injections and other database security holes. Portline provides PCI Compliance services to ensure you are properly covered for the compliances you are responsible to maintain.


Add On's:Secure graphic
Elections Module allows for the creation of online elections for membership voting. 
Bulk Email to Members within Portal