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Portline has Pre-built shopping cart frameworks that can be customized to meet unique specifications and requirements.


Top Framework Features

  • Custom Design

    Custom Professional Layout & Design and Content Management Tools. CSS Styling for Browser Compatibility. Create a Favicon (a browser bar icon) Responsive or MOBILE SITE VERSION (Smart Phone Display)

  • Images

    Image processing and auto-resize of product and category images, Upload multiple product images.

  • Robust and Solid

    Base eCommerce Packages have been in use by our clients for two decades. Each feature and tool we add are specifically designed to meet a real world need from our clients.

  • Solid

    Base eCommerce was developed on the Adobe Cold Fusion 10 platform - MS SQL Database and built using Best Practice PCI Compliant Regulations.

  • Mobile

    Sell your products from anywhere with an internet connection. We provide Responsive Layouts and Mobile Layouts ensuring the site will format for small mobile devices so your products can be purchased by anyone with a compatible cell phone or mobile device. One Backend manages the website to automatically displays the proper formatting for the customer.

  • Shipping

    Live calculations UPS, USPS, FedEx, Matrix Options, Drop Ship, Flat Rate Override, International Live Shipping Calculations.


    Coupons with Limits, Unlimited, & Single Use, Sales with Start & End Dates, Minimum Qty & Amts, Volume Discounts.

  • Multiple Market Places

    Expand your selling by placing your products on Amazon and eBay. Within BEMA is an option to add your products onto Amazon and eBay easily. Keep track of all your inventory in one place while selling from your site and other market places.

  • SEO Optimization

    Meta Tag Creator, SEO Friendly URLs, Sitemap Generation, Proper usage of 301 redirects, Google Product Feeds. Everything you need to optimize your site for search engines. Social Media integration to FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus and Linkedin.

  • Security

    Our products are PCI Certified. Proper coding for brute force protection from hackers. Industry standard scripting to prevent SQL Injections and other database security holes. Portline provides PCI Compliance services to ensure you are properly covered for the compliances you are responsible to maintain.


Retail:Secure graphic
Designed to sell directly to public with inventory amounts from 1 to 10s of thousands of products. Grouping and Sorting by Category, Manufacturer, price, new, featured and other Flags to insert products into homepage and other sections of website. Product displays includes Features, Descriptions, May Also Like, Sharing, Ingredience and Download PDF options. Retail accounts handle repeat purchases including secure Credit Card Profiles for quick repeat check outs. Order fulfillment includes Invoice and Packaging Slip printing anda customer service inquiry system that logs Contact Requests that can be responded to within BEMA. 

Can be used in conjunction with Retail if selling to both retail and wholesale customers. One Inventory section combined with extensive Price Filters allows for custom pricing and discounts. Wholesale Customer Sign-Up includes online application form with web signature acceptance, uploading of required license and other documents. Forms are created and edited easily within BEMA using Virtual Editor. Shipping and Order Processing is separated between retail and wholesale customers and orders. Customer Credit Card Profiles for repeat ordering. Place orders for customers using the In-House ordering tools attached to Customers.

Is a module attached to retail or wholesale package. Setup Resellers to manage and place orders for their customers. Includes Reseller Discounts, Quotas, Commission Rates and Codes. The Reseller Portal is where the Resellers sign in to Manage Customers, Contacts, Orders, Sales and Marketing Documentation, Quota requirements and live status of quota measures. All Reseller information, customers and orders are automatically added to BEMA for managing of Order Processing, Commission Reports and Quota management. 


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Social Media
 Products are dynamically connected to social media through share and like links automatically. Page content likes and share code and Google Analytic's.