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Gift Shop POS Cloud Software

Gift Shop POS Cloud Software

Why Giftshop POS?

Giftshop POS is a standalone Store Register Software and can be integrated with Bicycle Rental BEMA. Like Rental BEMA the Giftshop POS was created by a group of Web Developers and Small Business Shop Owners.

Giftshop POS is Web Based allowing owners to access accounting records from home offices and managers to access remotely administrative or registers from another store location.

Here is what is included in Giftshop POS.

Multiple Locations

Color coded locations makes it easy to identify the location you're logged into and working on. Multiple registers per location with different permission level access for sale clerk, manager and execute levels.



  • Inventory per location with bar scan capability.
  • Tax rates determined by Location with individual product override
  • Re-order points
  • Condition indicators and variations
  • Multiple category selection for easy browsing


  • Inventory bar scan and easy search
  • Discounts and product override with manager permission
  • Multiple payments
  • Credit card swiping - auth only, tip line, capture, void and refund options
  • Receipt multiple size and configurations with tip signature


  • Customer data capture
  • Customer email collection for marketing

Purchase Ordering

  • Supplier and Location per Product
  • Add new product and update inventory for existing products
  • Low Inventory Report with Re-order and bulk inventory management features


  • Balance Cash Registers
  • Balance Still Due
  • Category Sales
  • Deposit
  • Inventory
  • Inventory Labels
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Monthly/Daily Sales
  • Per Capita
  • Sales
  • Sales Details
  • Sales Tax

Clock In/Out with reporting

Admin Configuration

  • Locations
  • Payment Methods
  • Registers - with Cash Balance and Historical tracking
  • POs
  • Suppliers
  • Users - Administrator, Standard and Mid-Level Users

POS Gift Shop includes

Web Based Software -Stand alone and Bicycle BEMA integration option. Bar Code Scanning capability.

POS Gift Shop

Setup: $1700
Hosting: $50 per month

Our pricing models do not charge additional fees based on clients sales/transactions. Unlimited transactions

Basic: One location and up to 5 Registers $50 per month
Multiple Standard: Up to 5 locations and 10 Registers $155 per month
Multiple Advanced: Up to 10 locations and 25 Registers $255 per month


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