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Bicycle Rental Shop Details

Bicycle Rental Shop Details

Why Bicycle BEMA?

Bicycle BEMA was created by a group of Web Developers and Rental Shop Owners and is designed to keep track of all aspects of a rental business to ensure the rentals operate smoothly.

Tracking of Bicycles and customers is just one of the adventages of using Bicycle BEMA. Many advanced features will track upgraded option inventory and pricing, resources and tours.

Features Additional Options

A rental may include adding options such as gel seats or clipless peddles, using your list of options, your customers can upgrade during the reservation process. Being able to include outside Resources such as Hotels, Car Services or Wine Tasting options inside the reservation processes is a great way to upsell automatically during the customer experience or on the phone helping a customer create their special trip.

Bicycle BEMA comes with a full set of Reports and Export options to keep track of all aspects of your business. Basic Roster Reports for Rentals and Tours are standard with customizable Roster Reports to track options and information important to you.

The advanced reservation system has both Rentals and Tour capabilites with automated default numbers for rentals and specific limitations for tours. With advanced daily limits never overbook again. The Guide management area will assign guides to tours within BEMA so Tour Guides can view rosters and schedules.

Bicycle tour


Customer and Back-Office Rental Booking

 Online Booking features that are specific for the Bicycle Rental Industry.

 Inventory management that includes Bicycles, Options, Resources with Tours and Guide Scheduling features.

 Advanced Date selections and exclusions and minimums/maximums and daily limits provide an accurate booking system that stops overbooking.

Base Bicycle Rental BEMA includes:

Booking Engine - Iframed into existing site or link to separate pages

BEMA - Booking, Bicycles and Accessories, Customers, Transaction Portal

Base Bicycle Rental BEMA

Setup: $1700
Hosting: $50 per month
Reservation Limits: 10,000 per year

Our pricing models do not charge additional fees based on clients sales/transactions.

Bicycle Rental BEMA Base can be customized as follows. Additional fees apply.

Website Design Overlay - Make Booking Engine look like your website
Website Integration - Add bicycle details and booking engine into existing website
Bulk Email Marketing and text reminders
Gift Shop eCommerce
Gift Shop POS system
Customization - add, remove or enhance complete system

Bicycle BEMA Graphic


Start Taking Rental Reservations from your Website!

BEMA Rental help you manage the reservations for bicycle rentals and tours.
Simple sig-up process without the hassle or hidden fees.